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Dermal fillers, particularly those infused with hyaluronic acid, offer a versatile solution for addressing various facial concerns. They effectively diminish wrinkles, enhance lip volume and hydration, restore lost soft-tissue volume, elevate scar depressions, and rejuvenate facial contours by filling creases and folds.

As individuals age, crucial fat pads and bone structures diminish, leaving the skin increasingly susceptible to the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Factors such as sun exposure and repetitive muscle movements exacerbate these signs of aging. Facial dermal fillers provide an effective remedy for such age-related damage, administered precisely through targeted injections.

 At FaceIQ, we offer a range of reputable brands, including a few of our favorites including Revance RHA collection and Revanesse Versa, ensuring that clients receive top-quality and customized treatment options to achieve their unique aesthetic goals.

faceIQ 10-Point Lift

Our exclusive faceIQ 10-Point Lift, designed to rejuvenate your facial contours, restore volume, enhance symmetry and target common concerns of aging. Our unique approach ensures subtle yet impactful results that emphasize natural beauty.

faceIQ Lip and Lip Framing

Not your average lip filler. Refine and redefine your smile with our lip support and framing package, a meticulously crafted solution designed to accentuate and enhance your lips. Our holistic approach integrates advanced filler techniques strategically placed within lips and supporting facial structures, ensuring harmonious proportions and long-lasting results.

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